Live NIR FL Imaging

Announcing a special conference event – a live demonstration of near-infrared fluorescence lymphatic imaging

Invited speaker, Jean-Paul Belgrado from the University of Brussels, will be performing a live demonstration of near-infrared (NIR) fluorescence lymphatic imaging. Using Indocyanine Green (ICG) dye and a near-infrared camera, he will demonstrate the difference in superficial lymphatic functioning between the arms of a healthy individual and a person with arm lymphoedema.

Jean-Paul Belgrado has been working with NIR fluoroscopy for the last 5 years and has presented globally regarding its technique, applications and outcomes for clinical practice in lymphoedema and other related conditions. Some of the research carried out by Jean-Paul Belgrado has examined over 371 pathological lymphatic patients. This has allowed for the identification of common lymphatic pathways of differing pathologies, leading to a better understanding of lymphatic pathways and subsequent drainage. It has also demonstrated what hand contacts, movement and pressure are most effective for drainage of the lymphatic system.

near infrared fluorescence lymphatic imaging

During this special plenary demonstration, participants will be able to observe in real time a NIR fluorescence lymphatic imaging exam. You will be able to observe the superficial lymph flow movement, the lymphangion activity, the valve resistance, the velocity of lymph bolus displacement, and the occlusion pressure of the superficial lymph collectors. In a second phase, different MLD techniques will be tested observing the lymph flow under the light of the NIR fluorescence lymphatic imaging coupled with a normal camera. The “fill and flush method” will be demonstrated, and the opportunity will be given to several participants to try their usual MLD techniques and compare these under NIR fluorescence lymphatic imaging.

The difference between normal and pathological images will also be highlighted.

Don’t miss this exciting and unique event!