Invited Speakers

  • Jean-Paul BelgradoUniversity of Brussels, BELGIUM
    Imaging of the lymphatics
    Jean-Paul Belgrado has a great clinical experience in the treatment of lymphedema as physiotherapist. He is also Professor in Lymphology at the Faculty of Human Motility at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, and the Head of the Lymphology Research Unit at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. In association with Dr Liesbeth Vandermeeren, he developped the Brussels Lymphology Clinic in the UMC Saint-Peter where he is Scientific Advisor. Jean-Paul Belgrado is also Member of executive chair of the European Society of Lymphology, Member of the International Society of Lymphology, Honorary Member of the Czech Society of Lymphology and author of numerous articles and presentations in the field of Lymphology.
  • Karen HerbstThe University of Arizona, USA
    Lipodema, fat disorders and the RAD diet
    Karen L. Herbst PhD, MD is a board-certified endocrinologist and Associate Professor and Director of the Endocrine Fellowship program in the Department of Medicine at the University of Arizona and Banner Medical Center, Tucson. Dr. Herbst has been working in the area of fat disorders since 2003, and currently has two weekly clinics dedicated to patients with these disorders; she has treated hundreds of people with lipedema and/or Dercum's disease and is currently endocrine fellows and medicine and family residents to recognize and treat fat disorders. She is a founding and current member of the not-for-profit Fat Disorders Research Society which is dedicated to education, awareness and promotion of research for fat disorders.
  • Natasha Harvey University of South Australia, AUSTRALIA
    Biological aspects of lymphoedema
    Associate Professor Natasha Harvey is an ARC Future Fellow and Head of the Lymphatic Development Laboratory at the Centre for Cancer Biology, UniSA and SA Pathology. Natasha’s work is focused on defining the genes and signals important for construction of the lymphatic vasculature during development and understanding how these events “go wrong” in human lymphatic vascular pathologies. Her work has been published in leading international journals including Nature Genetics, Blood and Journal of Clinical Investigation and has earned her an international profile in her field. Her group has uncovered key roles for macrophages in shaping the embryonic lymphatic vasculature, determined that the microRNA miR-181a is an important regulator of the “master” lymphatic gene Prox1 in endothelial cells and recently discovered that the transcription factor GATA2 plays a key role in lymphatic vascular development, particularly in the construction of lymphatic vascular valves.
  • Dr Ramin ShayanUniversity of Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
    Ramin completed his medical degree at Melbourne University in 2001. Whilst undertaking his clinical training in surgery, Ramin obtained his PhD in 2007 at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, studying the role of lymphatic vessel subtypes in cancer metastasis. Ramin completed his Fellowship with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in 2012. He joined the O'Brien Institute as group leader of the Lymphatic and Regenerative Surgery group in the same year with concurrent clinical appointments as a consultant plastic surgeon within the Plastic Surgery Units of St Vincent’s, Royal Melbourne and Alfred Hospitals. Ramin's research focuses on the diseases resulting from cancer treatment such as lymphatic disorders and Lymphoedema and the tissue injury caused by radiotherapy treatment. Ramin has published in journals - Nature and Cancer Cell and in 2015 became Director of the O'Brien Institute.
  • Jane Turner The University of Queensland, AUSTRALIA
    Psychosocial burden of lymphoedema
    Jane Turner MBBS, PhD, FRANZCP is a consultation-liaison psychiatrist who has worked for 25 years in Oncology. She has been extensively involved in the development of clinical practice guidelines, including psychosocial clinical practice guidelines, and has experience in communication skills training for health professionals from a range of clinical disciplines. She is currently engaged in research evaluating a structured intervention for fear of cancer recurrence in women with breast cancer, and is leading a trial of a nurse-delivered survivorship intervention for patients who have completed treatment for head and neck cancer.

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