Breakfast Symposia

The sponsored Breakfast Symposia are free with a light breakfast provided. Registration for delegates who have already registered for the conference can be done via our online booking form.

Thursday 26 May 2016

Breakfast Symposium:
Pneumatic Compression for Lymphoedema: A Modality to Assist Self-management and Improve Quality of Life

Time: 7.30am - 8.30am

Presenter: Louise Koelmeyer, Macquarie University Lymphoedema Program, NSW
Sponsored By: Medi-Rent

Clients using Sequential Intermittent Pneumatic Compression (SIPC) often report improvements in heaviness and aching symptoms as well as reducing hard and fibrotic tissue changes. The modality has been around for some time however advances in technology mean SIPC is now achieving significant results in terms of limb reduction, skin integrity and wound management. It has gained particular traction as a treatment option that people can manage easily in their own home as part of their daily self-management in combination with other components of complex lymphoedema treatment. This session will be interactive including theory, research outcomes, demonstration and practical use of SIPC.

In this session you will learn:

  • how SIPC works at a physiological level
  • how SIPC performs as an adjunct to other therapies
  • why common misconceptions have been challenged
  • the theories on various treatment settings
  • why SIPC is a cost effective treatment option
  • results and feedback from real life case studies
  • and experience hands-on contact with the equipment

Friday 27 May 2016

Breakfast Symposium:
JOBST® FarrowWrap®: Lymphoedema Management made simple through adjustable short-stretch wrap solutions

Time: 7.00am – 8.00am

Speakers: Dr. Wade Farrow and Dr. Katja Schönweiß

Dr. Wade Farrow, MD, CWSP

Dr. Farrow has over 12 years experience in private practice in wound care, lymphedema, and hyperbaric medicine in the Bryan/College Station area. He served as Medical Director of the William P. Fife Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Center in College Station for 8 years, and served as a Clinical Assistant Professor at Texas A&M University.

Dr. Farrow is co-inventor of the FarrowWrap® along with Dr. Barry Creighton DPM, and cofounder of FarrowMed. Dr. Farrow recently joined the BSN medical team as the U.S. Medical Director.

Dr. Katja Schönweiß

Dr. Katja Schönweiß, certified Lymphoedema Physiotherapist, is an International Medical advisor for BSN Medical. She has been involved in the teaching of therapeutic use of medical compression therapy since 2006.

Topics covered:

By welcoming JOBST® FarrowWrap® to the JOBST® family of products, an extended variety of innovative products is available to meet the needs of patients in all therapy stages.

Dr. Farrow and Dr. Schönweiß will present on:

  • The background and science of FarrowWrap technology
  • How FarrowWrap can help meet the varying needs of patients

Friday 27 May 2016

Breakfast Symposium:
Developing ‘The State of the Art’ compression therapy in Lymphoedema and Chronic Oedema management.

Time: 7am - 8am

Speaker: Christine Moffatt CBE, Professor of Clinical Nursing Research, University of Nottingham, UK
Sponsored by: 3M

Topics covered:

  • A summary of the latest ‘state of the art’ science of compression therapy.
  • Current clinical challenges in delivering effective compression therapy.
  • Overview of the evidence supporting Coban™ 2 Compression Systems in providing solutions in clinical practice.

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Saturday 28 May 2016

Breakfast Symposium:
“Working together with community nursing.” A patient case study. Wound care and Lymphoedema care services happening together to improve patient outcomes.

Time: 7am - 8am

Speaker: Andrea Mangion, Lymphoedema Physiotherpist, Oedema Clinics Australia Pty Ltd

Session description: This will include a presentation by Andrea on the above topic and an overview of a new compression bandaging system by HARTMANN.
Sponsored by HARTMANN

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