Asia Pacific Advisory Group

The Conference Committee has established an Asia Pacific Advisory Group, which will be made up of selected leaders in lymphology from that region. The role of the Advisors will be to provide advice which will increase the Asia Pacific focus at the APLC and to market the conference and encourage attendance from within their region.

Asia Pacific Advisors:

Professor Ningfei Liu is the Professor of Plastic Surgery, Director of Lymphology Centre, Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital, People’s Republic of China (since 2002), chairman of Chinese Society of Lymphology (2014-2017), and president of International Society of Lymphology (2015-2017). Professor Liu has engaged in clinical and basic research of lymphology for 30 years, with her main professional interests being surgical and conservative treatment of lymphedema, pathogenesis of lymphatic circulation disorders, and imaging of the lymphatic system.

Professor S. K. Kar is the Director of the Research (Medical & Life Sciences) of the Institute of Medical Sciences & SUM Hospital, SOA University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. He has significantly contributed in the field of tropical medicine (filariasis, leishmania, malaria, cholera & emerging viral diseases) along with nutrition and hemoglobinopathy disorders. He is an authority on lymphatic filariasis, and served as an advisor to the WHO, and to the National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme in India. He has provided valuable support to the state public health system in diagnosis and control of emerging viral diseases, epidemic management and implementation of national disease control programs on malaria, filaria and other vector borne diseases through establishing lab facilities. He is the president of the Indian Society of Lymphology and the Association of Physicians of Odisha state and has organized several national conferences. His contributions are well recognized in the area of research, public health, education, administration and linking public health needs to policy change.

Samuela Tuibequ has been a Senior Microscopist in the Ministry of Health, Fiji since 1993. He has been working in the area of lymphatic filariasis for many years, and has held numerous roles such as the field coordinator of the National Filariasis Program, manager of the Lymphatic Filariasis Prevalence Survey for the Fiji Centre for Communicable Diseases Control, facilitator for the National Mass Drug Administration Program, and manager of the IF Morbidity Control Program. His current role is the Project Coordinator for the Fiji Hydrocelectomy Project.

Patrick Wagner - After graduating from the University of Hamburg, Germany, where he majored in East-Asian studies, Patrick moved to Japan to work within a local government in the field of International Relations. At an event for international exchange for health care professionals in 2007, Patrick met Kayoko Sato from the Goto College Lymphedema Institute (GCLI) and the Medical Lymphdrainage Association of Japan (MLAJ). He immediately shared their vision to raise the profile of lymphedema and to improve the situation on treatment availability, accessibility and standardization. He started to assist GCLI and MLAJ (first as a volunteer) in raising the profile of lymphedema in Japan. Later on he joined both organizations and currently works as a Research Assistant at GCLI and is the Coordinator for International Relations at GCLI, and in MLAJ he is in charge of the ILF-MLAJ partnership. In the field of lymphedema his particular interests are education, conservative treatment and health insurance coverage..

Hozaidah Hosain has been a pioneer in the raising of awareness of lymphoedema and the establishment of treatment services for people with lymphoedema in Singapore. She is the Senior Principle Physiotherapist at the Singapore General Hospital. After training with Dr Judith Casley Smith and the Dr Vodder School, in 2000 she headed the first Lymphoedema Clinic for Oncology Patients in Singapore General Hospital in the Department of Physiotherapy. The clinic went on to offer services to vascular and palliative patients. Ms Hosain has been a tireless advocate in Singapore for lymphoedema awareness and increased assessment and treatment services, working with government and non-profit organisations to achieve this aim. As a Certified Basic Teacher in the Dr Vodder School, she has organised lymphoedema training courses in Singapore, and done sessional teaching about lymphoedema to nursing and allied health students.

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Key Dates

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    16 May 2016
  • Conference dates
    26 - 28 May 2016